In the summer of 1994, Steve Christini went out for a mountain bike ride and came back with an idea. It had rained earlier that day making the conditions a bit slippery, though nothing that many riders don't face on a regular basis. After losing traction on his rear wheel a couple of times Steve, a senior Mechanical Engineer at Villanova at the time, started thinking: why not power both wheels?

After a few sketches and a lot of thinking, it came to him: an internal drive shaft to the front wheel. Seems pretty simple, right? To make a longer story short, Steve, along with co-inventor Mike Dunn, made this their senior design project and turned a lot of heads. Several years, tons of sleepless nights and some great stories later, here we are.

Christini Technologies, Inc., located in Philadelphia, was formed in June of 1999 and is now the world's leading developer of All-Wheel Drive Mountain Bikes. Each member of the Christini Team lends their own special qualities which gel together to create a truly unique company that brings to you the next great innovation in mountain biking.